Migration Notice: LegacyVPN is undergoing a migration to Cisco's ASA VPN. Please refer to https://isea.utoronto.ca/services/vpn/utorvpn/ for documentation on the new service.

Running LegacyVPN

Note: You will need to use the "Run As" feature to run OpenVPN -- this can be accessed by right-clicking on the Desktop icon and selecting "Run As Adminstrator". Even users who are logged in as a user with administrative privileges will have to do this.

  1. Before proceeding, make sure that you are connected to the Internet in your usual way.
  2. Once the GUI has been started, you will see an icon in your taskbar. Right click that icon to get the connection menu:
  3. Choose "Connect" from the menu, and you will see a login prompt appear. Enter your UTORid and password into this box:

  4. Once the service has started you will see a message in the taskbar informing you of your assigned IP address. You can monitor your connection status by making sure that the computer screens in the icon stay green:

    Note: You will not necessarily be assigned the same IP address as shown in this picture, although it will be on the 142.150.248 subnet.

  5. To disconnect, simply right click the icon in the taskbar and choose "Disconnect" from the menu:
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